Year  President  Rotary International Theme 
2020-21 Barry Halpern Rotary Opens Opportunities
2019-20 Niranjan Ramjee & Pat Armstrong Rotary Connects The World
2018-19 Sonja Ansara Be the Inspiration
2017-18 David Grieve Making a Difference
2016-17 Greg King Rotary Serving Humanity
2015-16 Lorraine Nicholas Be a Gift to the World
2014-15 Michelle Kerrigan Light Up Rotary
2013-14 Alma Reynolds Engage Rotary Change Lives
2012-13 Esther Murray Peace Through Service
2011-12 Russell Gurney Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
2010-11 Roger Reece Building Communities, Bridging Continents
2009-10 Chris Potter    The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
2008-09 Paul Kounnas Make Dreams Real
2007-08  Rod Wilkinson  Rotary Shares 
2006-07  John Shearer    Lead The Way 
2005-06  Liz Olie  Service Above Self 
2004-05  Bob Pitts  Celebrate Rotary 
2003-04  Paul Godden  Lend a Hand 
2002-03 Robin Campbell  (dec) Sow The Seeds of Love
2001-02  Robert Neilson  Mankind Is Our Business 
2000-01  Lindsay Bennett  Create Awareness, Take Action 
1999-00  Frank Evans  Act With Consistency, Credibility, Continuity 
1998-99  John Hayes  Follow Your Rotary Dream 
1997-98  Paul Cameron  Show Rotary Cares 
1996-97  Terry Breasley  Build The Future, With Action and Vision 
1995-96  Brian Parker  Act With Integrity, Serve With Love, Work For Peace 
1994-95  Alex Owen (dec)   Be a Friend 
1993-94  John Turner  Believe In What You Do, Do What You Believe In 
1992-93  Jim Gray (dec)     Real Happiness In Helping Others 
1991-92  Bill Hardley (dec) Look Beyond Yourself 
1990-91  John Boylett  Honour Rotary With Faith and Enthusiasm 
1989-90  Basil Ornellas  Enjoy Rotary 
1988-89  Vern Tansley  Put Life Into Rotary - Your Life 
1987-88  Jack Tanner (dec) United In Service - Dedicated to Peace 
1986-87  Dick Phillip  Rotary Brings Hope 
1985-86  Graeme Trainor  You Are The Key 
1984-85  Maurie Pawsey  Discover a New World Of Service 
1983-84  Ted Strapp  Share Rotary - Serve People 
1982-83  Bruce Parker  Mankind Is One - Build Bridges of Frienship Throughout The World 
1981-82  David East  World Understanding & Peace Through Rotary 
1980-81  Tony Otten (dec)    Take Time To Serve 
1979-80  Fred Andrew (dec) Let Service Light The Way 
1978-79  Len Reid (dec) Let Service Light The Way 
1977-78  Graeme Andersen  Serve To Unite Mankind 
1976-77  Bill Tierney  I Believe In Rotary 
1975-76  John Hirst  To Dignify The Human Being 
1974-75  Alan Royston  Renew The Spirit Of Rotary 
1973-74  Ken Clark (dec) A Time For Action 
1972-73  Doug White  Let's Take a New Look