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14 July 2021

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Alma Reynolds

President's Parting Remarks
It has been a very unusual year sometimes good sometimes not so good COVID has been trying for all of us but looking at the good side this year we have learned how to zoom and unmute we have been able to join other clubs from the UK and most of all we have grown stronger and more vibrant as a club I was proud to be the President of the Rotary Club of Doncaster and know it will be in good hands with President Brendon
Yours in Rotary 
Barry Halpern, EX- President
Incoming Presidents Preliminary Remarks
The waiting’s over and the reality is finally kicking in for me, as the transition to take on the role of President of the Doncaster Rotary club has begun, firstly with the handover of the boards last Thursday, and the impending pomp and ceremony of the changeover planned for Wednesday night.
Firstly I would like to thank Barry (past President), the board and all the members of the club who have worked tirelessly through a difficult and uncertain year, and despite all of the challenges faced  with lock downs, social distancing and Zoom, the club has emerged in a strong and healthy position.
There’s a saying that there are only two certainties in life which are “death and taxes” but I think there is a third, “uncertainty”. It’s the unknowns that now affect our lives.  We can no longer plan ahead and set long term goals with certainty as we once did, the here and now is what drives us because we don’t know what tomorrow brings. Change is inevitable.
Change may mean that we do things differently, the way that we adapt to change is the challenge.
So, with that in mind, lets enjoy today, be grateful for what we have, and help others that need our help. This is the essence of Rotary and is what Rotarians do.
This week the board approved on behalf of the club, a donation of $5,000.00 to the Storm Disaster fund organised by the District Governor to help our local community.   Funds will be distributed and managed by local the Rotary clubs that were for the communities directly affected.
Incoming President
Brendon Woods
I have accepted the new nomination of Communications Director with the club. This means I will have oversight of Club Runner (our website and Bulletin), the RC Doncaster Facebook page, Marketing and Communication. I will have a small team, Esther, Sohrab, Barry, Brendon and David McIvor.
I will, with the Committee, be able to co-ordinate postings on FaceBook (RC Doncaster and Doncaster Hill Market), Bulletin and RC Doncaster Website. If I get it wrong tell me, I thrive on feedback.
What I need from you are photos and stories. We need to show the world what we are doing at Rotary Doncaster. So folks flood them in.
Joady Barnes
Many thanks to all those who helped with the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on June 26.  It was a big day - first Saturday after lockdown, nice weather, school hols.  We ran out of supplies on several occasions.  We ended up with 14 dedicated Rotarians who shared the load. [But hopefully, we can find a few more volunteers to help us with future BBQs.)
And most importantly, we raised over $1100 to go into our community projects.
David McIvor
Factory tour at ace filters for Rotary Doncaster 
  • Thursday July 29 start 11 am
  • Lunch provided being sandwiches. Tea, coffee or fruit juice   if you want fruit juice please nominate ..
  • Duration of tour say 2 to 2.5 hours
  • No photos of plant, keep mobiles in your pocket, bags left in office area , QR check in, bring face mask please
  • History
  • What we do
  • Tour
  • Lunch
  • Tour
Address  Ace Filters
9 East spur court Kilsyth South  3137   phone 9761 4920   Parking over the road also at 12 Eastspur court W/house #2
Please contact me  for booking numbers
david@accefilters.com.au or SMS 0402 032 001
Jul 14, 2021
Jul 21, 2021
Jul 28, 2021
Aug 04, 2021
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While we’re getting on with the business of helping others, let’s take a moment to remember our fellow Members, Partners and Friends of the Club, who may be doing it a little tough.
We’re also thinking of our long-term absent Members whom we don’t see often enough.
I’m sure all of us know an absent or ex Member who would love to have a call from any one of us as Members of the Rotary Club of Doncaster.
If you do know anyone who is unwell, or is going through challenging times, or even if you’re up against it yourself, contact our Welfare Officer, PP Frank Evans on 9337 8493, or email frank.evans1@bigpond.com.
Please let me know if anyone has issues with reading the bulletin, also if anyone has any suggestion on content for the Bulletin please do not hesitate to email me: – joadyb@optusnet.com.au
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