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23 June 2021
Our next meeting will be a cluster Zoom meeting with with RC Templestowe. The Guest speaker will be Kirsty Sword Guzmao

Home Club of District 9810 Governor Alma Reynolds

President's Remarks
Our second meeting in lockdown 4.5
Our guest speaker at the 16th June meeting was well known to most of the club Greg King. He is passionate about foundation and polio plus in particular his knowledge on the subject is exceptional. There are now 2 cases of polio in the world today, the club has pledged a further $1,000US along the $1,000US  we donated to Polio Plus earlier this year. Members can donate to the foundation privately or make a bequest in their will.
As most members know Sohrab underwent an operation on his hip. Esther has reported that he is doing well and will be going to rehab at Donvale on Monday I sure he would appreciate a text or email.
This coming Wednesday night is a joint meeting with Templestowe Club l have also invited the others clubs in the cluster so it may be a big night hope to see you on zoom Wednesday night.

Yours in Rotary 

Barry Halpern, President

Next Bunnings BBQ 26th June 2021. Contact David McIvor


The joint Templestowe and Doncaster Clubs Doncaster Hill market will be on 4th July.


Reminder that RCD Change over night is 30th June 2021


How far can SARS-CoV-2 travel into the airways?

A mathematical model shows it reaches deep into our lungs, and more to the right than the left.

RS-CoV-2 is transmitted by aerosols – tiny particles delivered through coughing, sneezing and talking that remain suspended into the air. When we inhale, these aerosols are ingested into our airways, carrying COVID in with them.

A team from the University of Technology (UTS) Sydney has for the first time applied a mathematical model to understand how far into the lungs SARS-CoV2 can travel. The study was recently published in Physics of Fluids.

They found that when we inhale isolated coronavirus particles, more than 65% reach our lungs’ deepest region. Here, a significant amount of virus, along with inflammation caused by our immune system response, can cause severe damage to cells, leading to low blood oxygen levels and increasing chances of death.

The team also found that more of these aerosols reach the right lung than the left. This difference can be explained by the asymmetrical anatomical structure of the lungs, and the way air flows through the different lobes. This result is in line with what has been observed in the clinic. Chest CT scans of COVID-19 patients show more significant infection in the regions predicted by the model.

“Our lungs resemble tree branches that divide up to 23 times into smaller and smaller branches,” says the study’s lead author, Dr Saidul Islam of UTS Sydney. “Due to the complexity of this geometry, it is difficult to develop a computer simulation. However, we were able to model what happens in the first 17 generations, or branches, of the airways.”

The researchers used a mathematical model that simulated three different airflow rates – sleeping (7.5 litres/minute), light activity (15 l/min) and heavy activity (30 l/min). The model revealed that a higher percentage of the virus particles are trapped in the upper airways at lower flow rates. If you inhale SARS-CoV2 during heavy activity, more of it would travel further into the deepest part of the lungs.

“Depending on our breathing rate, between 32% and 35% of viral particles are deposited in these first 17 branches. This means around 65% of virus particles escape to the deepest regions of our lungs,” says Islam.

These findings can inform the development of targeted drug delivery devices, which can deliver antivirals to the areas of the respiratory system most affected by the virus.

“Normally, when we inhale drugs from a drug delivery device, most of it is deposited in the upper airways, and only a minimum amount of drugs can reach the targeted position of the lower airways,” Islam says. “However, with diseases like COVID-19, we need to target the areas most affected.”

The group is now working on building age- and patient-specific lung models and developing drug delivery devices that can target specific regions of the lungs.

vManuela Callari

Manuela Callari

Dr Manuela Callari is a Sydney-based freelance science writer who specialises in health and medical stories.

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While we’re getting on with the business of helping others, let’s take a moment to remember our fellow Members, Partners and Friends of the Club, who may be doing it a little tough.
We’re also thinking of our long-term absent Members whom we don’t see often enough.
I’m sure all of us know an absent or ex Member who would love to have a call from any one of us as Members of the Rotary Club of Doncaster.
If you do know anyone who is unwell, or is going through challenging times, or even if you’re up against it yourself, contact our Welfare Officer, PP Frank Evans on 9337 8493, or email frank.evans1@bigpond.com.
Please let me know if anyone has issues with reading the bulletin, also if anyone has any suggestion on content for the Bulletin please do not hesitate to email me: – joadyb@optusnet.com.au
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