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9 June 2021
There will be a working bee at Schramm's Cottage on 12th June, COVID permitting.
All volunteers please contact Liz Olie.

Home Club of District 9810 Governor Alma Reynolds

President's Remarks
Once again we find ourselves in lockdown for the fourth time so it was back in Zoom. We had a joint meeting with Templestowe and our friends from the UK.  There were 50 of us on Zoom where we heard our guest speaker Grant Purdy telling us all about Manningham Inclusive Community Housing (MICH). They are a group of people helping physically and intellectually disabled to find accomodation and independence.
It was great to see our friends from the Rotary club of Doncaster Uk once again and hear what they have been up to during there lockdown. It seems that a lockdown wont stop Rotarians from getting things done.
I look forward to meeting you all again on Zoom this coming Wednesday night again hopefully we will de face to face the next week fingers

Yours in Rotary 

Barry Halpern, President
I think David Grieve is on Holidays and wishes he was here

A History of Schramm's Cottage.

From the pages of Hudson Bond email

Property of course, is the predominant focus of our day-to-day work at Hudson Bond, and with that comes a wealth of knowledge, anecdotal evidence, historical facts and musings of lives past and present, from the individuals inhabiting age-old dwellings to newly constructed multi-residential towers, all with tales to tell.

For it is storytelling, at the end of the day, which reverberates through a home or an office or even the local café, with the most profound sense of accuracy than any picture, observation or Google review ever could.

Manningham, which is the focus of Hudson Bond’s Property & Lifestyle segment, is comprised of many culturally significant buildings, precincts and landscapes all subsisting in a well-connected environment. This not only demonstrates the strong heritage of our municipality (and its development from indigenous habitation through to early European settlement) but its strong commitment to storytelling and the evolution of space through time.

Perhaps its most famous example of this, is Schramm’s Cottage in Doncaster. Located in Rieschiecks Reserve (off Victoria Street in Doncaster), the asymmetrical cottage, built of local sandstone with a hip slate roof, is a pillar of our municipality’s historical lineage.

According to the Doncaster Templestowe Historical Society Inc., which has been running the Schramm’s Cottage Museum from its present location in Rieschiecks Reserve since 1976, the cottage was “built in 1874 as the home of Max and Kate Schramm and incorporates Max Schramm’s schoolroom.”

Whilst the cottage was built for the German immigrant predominately for use as a house, von Schramm, wanting to provide education in the Lutheran tradition, decided to run his own school. In 1876 von Schramm was appointed the first Lutheran Pastor in Doncaster, and he continued to teach at his school until 1884.

The Doncaster Templestowe Historical Society Inc. gathers, amongst other historical facts and anecdotes showcasing Manningham’s rich heritage, a record of information about the cottage, including details of von Schramm’s emigration to Australia, his purpose and pertinent life details, including most recently, a translation of some of his diary entries from the time of his ordination as a Pastor.

All this and more can be found on the Society’s website at https://dt-hs.blogspot.com/2016/06/schramms-cottage.html or by visiting the 150 year old building, which has been an accredited museum with the Museums Accreditation Program of Victoria since 2013.

Remarkably, Schramm’s Cottage was originally located in Doncaster Road, near the present Manningham Council offices and was moved to its current site following a decision to widen Doncaster Road.

“In 1971, when Doncaster Road was to be widened, the building was dismantled and relocated to the site of the original Lutheran Church building in Victoria Street.”

The process of dismantling and re-erecting the building took place between 1971 and 1975, using largely voluntary labour. It was opened as a historical centre on 14 February 1976.

Schramm’s Cottage is open to the public from 2.00pm to 5.00pm every Sunday and Public Holidays except Christmas day and Good Friday (other times by appointment).

Photo taken from https://manningham.vic.gov.au

The Effects of Oxytocin Nasal Spray on Anorexia Nervosa Patients

A new research study funded by Australian Rotary Health is the first of its kind to show that oxytocin nasal spray may produce unexpected social effects in patients with Anorexia Nervosa.

Rachel Brownlow from the University of Sydney was awarded an Australian Rotary Health/Rotary District 9690 PhD Scholarship from 2017-2019 to examine the effectiveness of oxytocin to improve treatment for Anorexia Nervosa.

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone in body, which promotes social behaviour and a sense of wellbeing. In a nasal spray format, other studies have shown it can reduce anxiety and increase trust.

This study examined the use of oxytocin nasal spray for four weeks compared to placebo (a salt spray), in 64 patients with Anorexia Nervosa who were undergoing refeeding in five hospitals across Australia.

Rachel said patients were tested on a range of measures before and after treatment, and 6 months later – at 6 months patients were also interviewed.

“This research showed that compared to placebo, four weeks of oxytocin nasal spray did help to reduce some concern patients with anorexia nervosa feel about their weight, such as worrying or thinking about their weight a lot,” Rachel said.

“However, this did not appear to translate into an improvement in their eating disorder overall, as patients who took oxytocin nasal spray did not gain more weight at end of treatment compared to placebo.”

The most unexpected finding was that oxytocin nasal spray actually increased patients’ distress around problems in their relationships with friends and family, compared to placebo, when patients were seen 6-months after the study finished.

“This was a surprise, because oxytocin is often linked to feeling more social with others, and more trusting and comfortable.”

Contrary to this, patients who were interviewed about their experience of taking oxytocin said they felt more open with others and more flexible in their thinking and behaviours.

Rachel said that it seemed patients who had been unwell with anorexia for a longer period of time, were also more likely to report helpful changes.

“There were only a small number of patients interviewed, so it is difficult to know whether oxytocin produced similar effects across the entire group,” she said.

“This research is important, as it highlights that caution should be applied with using oxytocin nasal spray in particular groups of patients, as it may make things worse. More research is needed to map out these mechanisms.”

Rachel has now submitted her PhD thesis, which has been approved by the University of Sydney.

One journal article is in press for publication. Two more studies will be published in peer reviewed journals.


Media contact: Jessica Cooper – jessica@arh.org.au

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While we’re getting on with the business of helping others, let’s take a moment to remember our fellow Members, Partners and Friends of the Club, who may be doing it a little tough.
We’re also thinking of our long-term absent Members whom we don’t see often enough.
I’m sure all of us know an absent or ex Member who would love to have a call from any one of us as Members of the Rotary Club of Doncaster.
If you do know anyone who is unwell, or is going through challenging times, or even if you’re up against it yourself, contact our Welfare Officer, PP Frank Evans on 9337 8493, or email frank.evans1@bigpond.com.
Please let me know if anyone has issues with reading the bulletin, also if anyone has any suggestion on content for the Bulletin please do not hesitate to email me: – joadyb@optusnet.com.au
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